Become a leader and grow in your profession. Create a career plan, Improve your presentation skills, learn leadership skills, get mentored and trained, and much more.
    Your Network is your Networth. Knowing people outside work is going to help you grow in your work. Learn best practices from others, find jobs, change careers and much more.


There are lot of benefits associated with been a part of a professional network but we have listed the Top 7 here. You will be surprised by the value a professional network can add to you personally and professionally. 

  1. 1
    Network of professionals

    Get access to network of professionals. The importance of knowing people outside your work network cannot be stressed enough. You get to learn best practices from other industries, make new friends outside work, get help with changing careers and jobs and much more.

  2. 2
    Regular Interactions

    Through 12 monthly meetings of 1.5 hours each and monthly webinars of 1 hour each, you are always interacting and working on yourself. There will be enough check points to ensure that you are on the right track. 

  3. 3
    Create Personal Brand

    The importance of personal brand could not be emphasized enough. The network and the platform will help you in creating your personal brand, which will help you in projecting yourself as an expert in your field and hence climb ladders wherever you go.

  4. 4
    Be Job Search Ready

    If you are looking for your first job, a new job or a change in career, this platform will assist in becoming ready for job search by providing assistance with improving your resume, mock interviews and more importantly giving you access to a network of professionals who could refer you.

  5. 5
    Improve communication and presentation skills

    For a leader, communication and presentation is the key. There will be regular opportunities provided by giving enough chances to present and also sessions conducted on improving your communication skills. 

  6. 6
    Develop leadership skills

    If you want to succeed professionally, showcasing leadership qualities is the key. When you are able to lead a team, it becomes easier for you to approach the next role and also to showcase that you are an achiever and can deliver for the organizations.

  7. 7
    Access to mentors and training programs

    As part of this program, you will get access to industry experts, who will be able to provide you with specific assistance that you may require and also to discounted training programs in your field.

When and How did this idea start?

It all started with the Meetup - Finding a Job in Australia, which had it's first event in July, 2017. Every month, the topics covered were around finding a job in Australia. The speakers at the events spoke about, resumes, interviews, culture, job searching tips, trends, role of recruiters, and many such associated topics. The events grew bigger and bigger each time and the founder of this meetup, Gaurav Wadekar, realized the need for a Career Network. The questions asked were not only related to finding jobs, but also to keeping jobs, to climbing ladders, to change careers, self fulfillment and the works. The career network is one of a kind platform, where people would physically meet and create long lasting bonds in order to assist each other, using technology as an enabler on the way.